Smart Contract Deployment

You need to deploy your smart contract for it to be available to users of an U2U network.

To deploy a smart contract, you merely send a transaction containing the compiled code of the smart contract without specifying any recipient.


What you'll need

  • your contract's bytecode – this is generated through compilation

  • U2U for gas – you'll set your gas limit like other transactions so be aware that contract deployment needs a lot more gas than a simple U2U transfer

  • a deployment script or plugin

  • access to an U2U node, either by running your own, connecting to a public node.

Steps to deploy a smart contract

The specific steps involved will depend on the tooling you use. For an example, Remix and Hardhat. They are the most popular tools for smart contract deployment, which involve writing a script to handle the deployment steps.

Once deployed, your contract will have an address like other accounts.

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