Returns the receipt of a transaction by transaction hash.

The eth_getTransactionReceipt command is used to return the receipt of a transaction by its transaction hash.Use cases of eth_getTransactionReceipt:

  • Track the status of a transaction

  • Obtain the contract address for a contract creation TX

Transaction receipts are not available for any pending transactions. Note that eth_getTransactionReceipt returns null for all unknown or pending transactions.Note: the receipt is not available for pending transactions.


DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of transactionparams: ['0xb903239f8543d04b5dc1ba6579132b143087c68db1b2168786408fcbce568238']


Object - A transaction receipt object, or null when no receipt was found:

  • transactionHash: DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of the transaction.

  • transactionIndex: QUANTITY - integer of the transactions index position in the block.

  • blockHash: DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of the block where this transaction was in.

  • blockNumber: QUANTITY - block number where this transaction was in.

  • from: DATA, 20 Bytes - address of the sender.

  • to: DATA, 20 Bytes - address of the receiver. null when its a contract creation transaction.

  • cumulativeGasUsed: QUANTITY - The total amount of gas used when this transaction was executed in the block.

  • gasUsed: QUANTITY - The amount of gas used by this specific transaction alone.

  • contractAddress: DATA, 20 Bytes - The contract address created, if the transaction was a contract creation, otherwise null.

  • logs: Array - Array of log objects, which this transaction generated.

  • logsBloom: DATA, 256 Bytes - Bloom filter for light clients to quickly retrieve related logs.

It also returns either:

  • root : DATA 32 bytes of post-transaction stateroot (pre Byzantium)

  • status: QUANTITY either 1 (success) or 0 (failure)

Example Request and Result for eth_getTransactionReceipt


curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getTransactionReceipt","params":["0xab059a62e22e230fe0f56d8555340a29b2e9532360368f810595453f6fdd213b"],"id":0}


  "result": {
     transactionHash: '0xb903239f8543d04b5dc1ba6579132b143087c68db1b2168786408fcbce568238',
     transactionIndex:  '0x1', // 1
     blockNumber: '0xb', // 11
     blockHash: '0xc6ef2fc5426d6ad6fd9e2a26abeab0aa2411b7ab17f30a99d3cb96aed1d1055b',
     cumulativeGasUsed: '0x33bc', // 13244
     gasUsed: '0x4dc', // 1244
     contractAddress: '0xb60e8dd61c5d32be8058bb8eb970870f07233155', // or null, if none was created
     logs: [{
         // logs as returned by getFilterLogs, etc.
     }, ...],
     logsBloom: "0x00...0", // 256 byte bloom filter
     status: '0x1'

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