Are my tokens SAFE when I stake?

Yes. Nobody except you will have access to your tokens. Make sure not to lose your mnemonic phrase or private key.

Can I lose my tokens when staking?

If you stake to a validator node that acts maliciously, you can lose some of your staked tokens and it might be locked in a period of time. The consensus will slash delegators as well, instead of only validators, is an essential part of network security. It makes it costly for a set of bad actors to take over the majority of the network. You should choose the validator node wisely and make sure they are reputable.

How do I choose a reputable validator?

Most validators of Unicorn Ultra have active communities, websites, and Twitter accounts. Do your own research and ask around in the community as they will be able to help you.

Can a validator run away with my funds?

No. In any case, a validator does not have access to any other tokens than their own. However, if a validator acts maliciously, you should unstake your token as soon as possible.

What happens if a validator goes offline?

If a validator node goes offline, it stops receiving rewards since it is not helping secure the network anymore. When it comes back online, the rewards resume.

Can I withdraw my delegation if a node goes offline?

Yes, you can.

Can I stake, re-stake or increase my delegation?

Yes. This is possible through U2UWallet or U2UStaking.

Can I unlock my delegation before the lock-up period ends?

Yes, you can. However, you will pay a penalty for doing so. Since your rewards are always unlocked and withdrawable, the penalty will come from your staked amount. If you unlock earlier, regardless of how much of the lock-up period is left, you will only receive half of the base rewards; the additional rewards will be burned.

In any case, you will never end up with fewer tokens than you delegated.

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