How To Stake?


Unicorn Ultra uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm to validate transactions and secure the network. You can participate by staking your U2U Token. In exchange, you are rewarded with U2U Token and you can unstaked your tokens at anytime.

Max Lock Duration must be equal or lower than Validator Lock Duration


After delegate your tokens to staking, you can join the lock package to increase your reward while staking. The minimum lock-up periods is 14 days and the maximum is 365 days. Your tokens will be transfer back to Stake stage when your lock-up period end. You can also unlock your token before the lock-up period end. However, you will pay a penalty for doing so. Since your rewards are always unlocked and withdrawable, the penalty will come from your staked amount. If you unlock earlier, regardless of how much of the lock-up period is left, you will only receive half of the base rewards; the additional rewards will be burned.

Validator running the node need to lock to allowed the Delegator to lock.

Max Lock duration of Delegator must equal or smaller compare to Validator Locked amount.

Staking parameters

  • Minimum amount: 1 U2U

  • Minimum stake period: 0 days

  • Minimum lock-up period: 14 days, earning the base reward rate

  • Maximum lock-up period: 365 days, earning the maximum reward rate

  • Unbonding time (time between undelegate and funds becoming available): 21 minutes or 3 epoch, depending on which conditions come first.

  • Delegation fee: The network has set a fixed fee of 15% on staking rewards paid from stakers to validators for operating their nodes

  • Burn Fee Share: 5%, our deflation mechanism for staking

  • Treasury Fee Share: 20%, will be transfer to Unicorn Ultra Treasury & will be announce to community how we use it in the future

  • Validator commission: 15%, the commission fee in percentage a validator will get from a delegation. This fixed fee is paid from delegators to validators for running their nodes. For example if you earn 25% on a stake of 1,000,000 U2U, you'll receive 1,000,000 * 0.25 * (1-0.15) = 212500 U2U per year.

  • Base staking reward per second: ~3.8 U2U

  • Offline penalty threshold blocks: 1000 blocks, the number of offline blocks required to mark a validator as offline

  • Offline penalty threshold time: 5 days, the time required to mark a validator as offline

Note that both offline conditions of a validator must be met (offline blocks > 1000 blocks and offline time > 5 days) to deactivate that one.



  1. Fill In Your Amount of Staking

  1. Choose the Validator That You Want To Delegated.

  1. Stake It


  1. Choose Lock Screen

  1. Choose Validator that You Currently Staked

  1. Fill Amount and Choose Duration

  1. Check Position of Current Locked


  1. Choose Unstake Screen

  1. Choose Validator that You Currently Staked

  1. Fill Amount

Claim Reward

  1. Choose Reward Screen

  1. Claim Your Reward or Restake


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