Testnet Normal Node

Build dependencies

Installing dependencies and setting things up are required to run a node, please check out Build dependencies if you have not done.

Run a node

You can run your read node using go-u2u repository, branch stable.

Note that https and ws must not be enabled on a server that stores wallet account.

# Install go-u2u
$ git clone https://github.com/unicornultrafoundation/go-u2u.git
$ cd go-u2u/
$ git checkout stable
$ make

Validate your go-u2u installation:

$./build/u2u help


Running with testnet genesis file

You may use no-history genesis file and sync with --syncmode snap.

# Start u2u node
$ cd build/
$ wget https://github.com/unicornultrafoundation/u2u-genesis/raw/main/testnet.g
$ nohup ./u2u --genesis mainnet.g --genesis.allowExperimental --syncmode snap &

Snapsync will sync much faster. Once it's fully synced, it will automatically switch to the full sync mode.

Syncing progress

Once it's run, you should wait till it's synced up to the latest block before proceeding to the next step.

You may query the latest block number of your node:

$ ./u2u attach --exec u2u.blockNumber

Then you can compare with the latest block shown on the explorer (u2uscan.xyz).

For trouble shooting your node, please check this.

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