What is RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Node?

RPC Node enables applications to make calls to functions or procedures on Blockchain and retrieve information without dealing with the underlying complexities of communication protocols and network topology.

The primary purpose of an RPC Node is to provide a mechanism for communication between different decentralized applications, systems, and services. This enables the creation of distributed applications, where the application logic is spread across multiple systems, communicating with each other through the RPC Node.

What are RPC API?

RPC APIs is a collection of methods for dApps to communicate with Blockchain by invoking processes or functions on remote systems. When a client application uses RPC, it sends a request to the Blockchain without revealing the client’s server information, instructing it to perform a specific function or procedure. After that, the server runs the requested function and returns the result to the client dApps.


WebSocket endpoint provides support for Pub/Sub API as well as JSON-RPC filter support. Additionally, the regular JSON-RPC API is also supported over a WebSocket connection and documented for each JSON-RPC call.

All examples in this reference section uses wscat, but will work with any tool that supports the WebSocket protocol. Some tools you can use for making these requests.


Advanced Rest Client

Websocket subscription requests should include the WS host in the WebSocket API url.

wscat -c wss://ws-mainnet.uniultra.xyz

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