The U2U Chain is a groundbreaking endeavor that seamlessly integrates Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based algorithms with the Inter-ledger Protocol (ILP) to establish a resilient and adaptable platform for decentralized application development. By harnessing the capabilities of these cutting-edge technologies, the U2U Chain addresses the limitations inherent in existing distributed ledger systems. The result is a highly scalable, secure, and efficient infrastructure that can accommodate a wide spectrum of use cases.


At the heart of the U2U Chain project, the primary objective is creating a distributed ledger platform that encompasses an extensive suite of services and features tailored to decentralized application development. The U2U Chain aims to realize the following pivotal goals:

  1. Scalability: U2U Chain effectively tackles the scalability challenges often encountered by traditional blockchain systems by implementing the DAG algorithm. This strategic approach fosters high throughput, low latency, and swift transaction finality.

  2. Security and Privacy: U2U Chain places a strong emphasis on elevating privacy and confidentiality for all participants. It empowers users to validate specific statements without the need to expose sensitive information.

  3. Interoperability: The seamless integration of the Inter-ledger Protocol propels the U2U Chain into a realm of effortless interoperability between diverse blockchain networks and traditional financial systems. This greatly simplifies asset and information exchange across disparate platforms.

  4. Smart Contracts: U2U Chain boasts a robust EVM Smart Contract service, empowering the execution of self-executing contracts guided by predefined rules and conditions. This automation significantly streamlines complex business processes.

  5. Tokenization: The U2U Chain introduces a powerful Tokenization service, which enables the effortless creation, issuance, and management of digital assets on the network. This innovation unlocks diverse opportunities for asset tokenization, the emergence of token economics, and the flourishing of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.


This Litepaper serves as a comprehensive introductory guide to the U2U Chain project. It provides a thorough examination of the essential components, services, and features that constitute the U2U Chain. The document offers a detailed overview of the architectural underpinnings of the platform, with particular emphasis on the integration of DAG-based algorithms and the Inter-ledger Protocol.

To conclude, the Litepaper presents a roadmap delineating the project's initial release and anticipated future enhancements. This roadmap underscores the continuous development and evolution of the U2U Ecosystem as we work towards a future of unprecedented decentralized innovation.

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